Supporting JSA

JSA Vocation

Jacksonville School for Autism’s Vocational Program provides our vocational students and young adults the skills necessary to be successful and productive members in both their home and community.

JSA Vocational students are responsible for the packaging, assembly, and fulfillment for all Captain Sandy apparel sold online!

In addition to this exciting new opportunity, these students are currently employed in several locations throughout Jacksonville, Florida including: Daily's, Dick’s Wings, Jax4Kids Newspaper, Longhorn Steakhouse, M Shack, Publix Super Markets, Trad’s Garden Center, and Tropical Smoothie.  Other campus-centered employment includes Spectrum Shredding and Vending Machine Supply & Service. In addition to working, they also give back to their community twice a week by volunteering at the Lutheran Social Services food pantry and Hope’s Closet Thrift Store

Together, we can help provide a future full of opportunity for job skills, coaching, life skills and employment for this deserving population.

Lifespan Services

In 2005, when Mark & Michelle Dunham founded the school for their son Nicholas, about 1 in 160 children were diagnosed with autism. Today, 1 in 50 children are diagnosed with autism. Fast forward to 2030 and it is projected that 1 in 2 boys will be diagnosed with autism. These numbers are STAGGERING.

Incidence of Autism Through the Years

1970 – 1 in 10,000

2001 – 1 in 250

2012 – 1 in 88

1975 – 1 in 5,000

2004 – 1 in 166

2015 – 1 in 50

1985 – 1 in 2,500

2007 – 1 in 150

2020 – 1 in ??

1995 – 1 in 500

2009 – 1 in 110

2030 – 1 in ??

To meet the needs of these ever-growing numbers, our long-term goal is called the ACRES Project (Autism Center for Residential and Educational Services). Life span services are critical to support our aging population of young adults and secure their future is full of HOPE and INDEPENDENCE. The ACRES Project would offer the following integrative and life-span services: Early Childhood, Clinical ABA Therapy, Day School, Pre-Vocation, Vocation, Employment Training, Residential Housing, and Social Programs.

The most urgent need for our ACRES Project is to secure a land donation of 20 – 30 acres that will provide interstate access to support our families in 6 counties across Northeast Florida.

Lifespan Campus Rendering

Official Rendering of JSA Lifespan Vision

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